Artspace of the High Line

A dynamic structure open for public space and integration of art

Program: Gallery and Workshops
- Exhibition spaces / circulation area
- Workspace for artists;
digital media lab, photostudio, visual art studio
and wood and metal shop.
- Event space and café
Location: The Meatpacking District, New York City
Year: Graduation Project 2007. Selected for exhibition at the Aarhus School of Architecture

This project takes part in the idea of transforming the old High Line into public park area. To let it remain a place for site-specific experimental art, and to let it maintain the creative atmosphere it has today.

The project seeks to provide spaces within the High Line’s historical architecture for the exhibition and the creation of experimental art. The design creates galleries and paths, that automatically link people from street level to the level of the High Line Park.
The design allows art to closely integrate with the High Line’s overall identity by including it in. In this way, art, architecture, and urban context fold into a single, unique experience. Art’s role in metropolitan living is removed from the gallery and actively incorporated into the cityscape. Art becomes part of the public space and a part of the 24-hour life in the Meatpacking District.

A static workspace structure + A generic and open showspace structure. Combined through split levels and visual contact. The generic part provides show spaces, circulation space and event spaces on roof and on the High Line. The materials are exposed steel and concrete
decks, which lead up from street level through the building and integrates with the park paths upon the High Line. All the facade screens are open and layered in such way that the transition from the street becomes fluently and the position of the gates and walls create visual and physical connection. The materials are steel, wire mesh for attachment of banners and poly carbonat for projecting videos.