Interior design & Concept development
Restaurant, cocktail bar and gallery
Copenhagen, 2008

Huset ved Kongens Have is a classic cocktailbar + Gallery. The place
has its frames on two floors, in all 250 m2, in an old charming city house right at Kings Garden in the heart of Copenhagen. Conceptually the place has its roots in the classic speakeasy cocktailsbars of New York City in the 20ties and 30ties. It was important that the design accommodated the need for an intimate atmosphere, which would create focus on the quality and craft behind the creation of a cocktail.

The design of the interior contains a strong and simple structure with a strong relation to its context. With the use of recycling material and objects, it was possible to design within the low budget.

It was important to let the old and charming space speak for itself and not kill the characteristics with too much furniture. By creating a strong structure in design, there is an openess for change of function and influence by the users of the space. In that way the audience and the exhibited art will be a part of the overall identity of the place, and it will remain a dynamic space for shifting art exhitions and parties.

To create an intimate atmospheare there are used limited lightning on the walls through-out the two floors. On the bartables, the standing light in each corner create their own intimate space for the costumers standing around it.

The style of the furniture is based on the classic furniture / 1930 inspired interior, with a scent of the fairy tale atmosphere, which characterises the location, at the Kings Garden, Rosenborgkvarteret in Copenhagen.